Library Guidelines



  1. Library customers are expected to demonstrate respect for public property and the rights of other customers through adherence to the following guidelines.


  1. Customers are expected to obey city, state, and federal laws and ordinances. Persons observed violating said laws will be reported to proper authorities.
  2. Pets are permitted only when assisting the handicapped or part of a library program.
  3. Shoes, sandals or other appropriate footwear are required in the library.
  4. Cell phones are prohibited in designated Cell Phone Free Areas throughout the library.
  5. Responsible behavior is expected. Behavior that disturbs the tranquility of the library and its customers includes loud voices, noises, running, jumping, loud crying and harassment. Customers exhibiting any of these behaviors will be asked to discontinue the behavior on the first instance; customers will be asked to leave upon recurrence. If improper behavior continues, the police will be summoned and library privileges may be suspended or revoked.
  6. Children accompanied by their parent or legal guardian are welcome at the Lewisville Public Library. Library staff are unavailable to supervise unattended children.
  7. Under State law, parents are responsible for their child’s behavior. While in the library, children age nine (9) and under must be attended by a parent or responsible adult while in the library per City of Lewisville Policy 4.1.1.
  8. Children must abide by the same rules of behavior that apply to all customers. Children persisting in disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the library and library privileges may be suspended or revoked.
  9. In the event a child age twelve (12) or under is left at the library at closing supervising staff will assess the situation. Staff may contact the police.
  10. Beverages in containers with lids are permitted in the library except at public-use computers and electronic equipment.
  11. Food may be consumed only in the downstairs lobby near the West entrance, or when provided during library programs.
  12. Sleeping is prohibited in the library.
  13. Misuse, abuse or damage to any equipment shall be grounds for losing the right to use such equipment. Misuse includes changing settings or paper on copiers or printers.
  14. Unattended packages, bags or personal belongings will be placed in the library lost and found; owner must provide identification for return of property.
  15. Book drops are available inside and outside the library. The outside book drop is available 24 hours a day.
  16. A maximum of ten (10) holds may be placed per card account. Notification will be made by phone or e-mail when the item becomes available. Items for pick-up will be held for six (6) days. The library card used to place the hold will be required at checkout.
  17. The maximum item checkout per card account is 25.
  18. Audio/visual materials are limited to five (5) items per item type per library card account.
  19. Videos and DVDs are loaned for seven (7) days. Books and other materials are loaned for twenty-one (21) days.
  20. Renewal loan period starts the day of renewal. Item may be renewed a maximum of three (3) times. Items on hold may not be renewed.
  21. Internet Policy: Internet usage is governed by Administrative Policy 4.1.20.