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Digitization & Media Conversion



Preserve your memories! The Digital Media Lab (DML) offers equipment and software to convert print and analog media to digital formats. Visit the Adult Services Desk to reserve and borrow the equipment. The following equipment and software is available for use in the Digital Media Lab only.

Patrons must provide their own portable media storage such as a USB drive, SD card, or writable CD or DVD. Specific storage may be required for different pieces of equipment. See equipment details below. A vending machine of office supplies for purchase is available in the Library's Copy & Print Center which offers USB drives, SD cards, and DVD-R discs that are compatible with the DML equipment. Click here for a price list of available supplies.

The DML2 is the computer terminal and peripheral equipment located in the Digital Media Lab that features the software and hardware listed below for digitization and media conversion.

Click Here to Reserve DML2


picture scanner 



Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System
Preserve your memories by creating digital scans of photos and scrapbook pages. Specialized software scans photos individually, so no need to remove photos from scrapbook pages!

 What is available:
  • Kodak PS80 Photo Scanner - scans up to 85 photos per minute!
  • Legal sized flatbed scanner (scanner bed size: 8.5" x 14")
  • Kodak Picture Scanning software with Photo Selector Tool
  • Picture Scanner Kit (check out from the Adult Services Desk)
  • PS80 scanner - 300, 600, and 1200 dpi (300 dpi is the default resolution and is sufficient in most cases)
  • Flatbed scanner - 1200 dpi
 What you will need: 
  •  Source material: print photos, photo pages, scrapbook pages, etc.
  • USB drive or SD card

 Click HERE for detailed instructions on using the Picture Saver Scanning System.


  film to digital converter





Wolverine F2D Titan Film to Digital Converter
Preserve your photos from film negatives or slide to digital images.

 What is available: 
  • Wolverine F2D Titan Film to Digital Converter
  • 35 mm slide adapter
  • 35 mm negative adapter
  • 110 slide adapter
  • 110 negative adapter
  • 8 mm/Super 8 adapter
 What you will need: 
  • Source material: negatives or slides of your personal photos
  • SD/SDHC card* -- 32GB or smaller (anything larger may cause the device to freeze; no SDXC or MicroSD cards)
  • USB drive 
  • Film Conversion Kit (check out from the Adult Services Desk)

*An SD/SDHC card is required for the digital converter device to function. As images are converted they are saved to the SD/SDHC card. If the SD/SDHC card fills to capacity before all digitization has been completed, another SD/SDHC card will be required, or the image files will need to be transferred from the SD/SDHC card to another portable device. Be sure your personal computer or laptop has an SD/SDHC card port so that you are able to access your SD/SDHC card at home. Otherwise, you will need to transfer your images from the SD/SDHC to a USB drive using the DML computer. 

Click HERE for detailed instructions on using the Wolverine Titan Film to Digital Converter.



Sanyo VCR-DVD recorder


Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR + TV
Preserve your home movies by recording video from VHS to DVD

 What you will need:
  •  Video source material (i.e. your personal film on VHS)
  •  Blank DVD-R / DVD-RW discs (machine not compatible with DVD+ discs)
  • Video Conversion Kit (check out from the Adult Services Desk)
 Note about Copyright                                        

Copyright protected material cannot be recorded using this machine. This recorder is available for the conversion of personal recordings. If the machine detects copy-protected material, recording will pause or stop automatically and an error message will appear on the screen. 


 Click HERE for detailed instructions on using the Sanyo DVD Recorder.


 video capture




Elgato Video Capture System
Capture analog video to save in digital format

 What you will need:
  • Video source material (i.e. VHS)
  • Storage format such as a USB drive or recordable disc (DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW)
  • Video Capture Kit (check out from the Adult Services Desk)

Click HERE for detailed instructions on using the Elgato Video Capture System.


Also available for use:

 VHS-C Cassette Adapter

 VHS-C Cassette Adapter

  • Adapts VHS-C (compact) cassette tapes for viewing in a VCR
  • Adapter is compatible only with VHS-C cassette tapes (not compatible with Digitial8, Hi-8, 8mm, or MiniDV cassettes)
  • Available for checkout from the Adult Services Desk
  • Battery powered motor opens the door on the adapter allowing for the VHS-C to be inserted into the adapter 
  • Click here for a video on how to insert the VHS-C into the adapter
light box

 Light box

  • preview film negatives and slides