Room Use Rules


The Lewisville Public Library is a vibrant center for education and culture in our community. The Library’s mission is to deliver equal access to high quality education and technology to all ages. In support of this mission, the Library offers room use to the public under the following rules.

I. General Library Room Use

  • Library room use is limited to civic, educational, or cultural events, meetings, or classes. Library staff can provide information on other facilities for uses that do not match our guidelines.
  • Library rooms are available first to Library and City staff who may reserve the rooms for Library and City sponsored meetings, classes, and events.
  • Any class or event held in the Library must be free, open to the public, and of a noncommercial nature. Library staff is authorized to attend or observe any meeting or event taking place in the room.
  • The Library Director or Supervisors reserve the right to deny any room use that does not comply with Library or City policies or directives.
  • Library rooms are available only during Library hours. Classes and events must conclude at least 15-minutes before the closing of the Library.
  • Any event or meeting shall avoid interfering with normal Library functions.
  • Library furniture may be rearranged. However, furniture must be returned to the original configuration at the end of the room’s use. No additional furniture may be added to the room without the approval of the Library Director or a Supervisor.
  • Customers are responsible for setting up chairs, tables and other equipment for their use of the room.
  • Customers are responsible for providing their own equipment, other than the equipment already available in the room such as chairs, tables, a white board, and/or a projector screen.
  • Library rooms are not soundproof. Individuals and groups using the rooms should be conscientious of the volume of voices and electronic equipment so as to avoid disturbing others.
  • Nothing may be attached to the room walls, windows, or doors without prior approval from the Library Director or a Supervisor.
  • Interior window shades may be lowered halfway. 
  • Snack food and beverages in a closed container are permitted in the Library. Meals and other foods should be consumed at tables in the alcove just inside the west entrance of the Library. Food may only be served at an event or meeting with the prior approval of the Library Director or a Supervisor.
  • Customers must adhere to room capacity guidelines posted in each room.
  • Any publicity or marketing materials for individual or group meetings that include the Lewisville Public Library name and/or address as the meeting location must include the following disclaimer: "This event is not sponsored by the Lewisville Public Library." Use of any Library facility phone number as a contact phone number is prohibited.
  • Customers using Library rooms must comply with all City and Library directives, procedures, and guidelines. Customers violating City or Library directives, procedures, and guidelines may be asked to vacate the room and/or to leave the Library, and may have Library privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Any room left unattended for more than 15-minutes will be assumed vacated, at which time Library staff may remove materials from the room and make it available for another customer. Library staff will take personal materials to the Library’s Lost & Found at the Accounts Desk. The Library assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items. 

Bennett Program Room

  • The Bennett Program Room is used only for Library classes and events.
  • The Bennett Program Room is not available for reservation by the public.

Computer Lab

  • The Library provides a Computer Lab with public access computers.
  • The Computer Lab is open for public computing use unless reserved for Library or city classes or events.
  • The Computer Lab is not available for reservation by the public.
Study Rooms
  • Study rooms are available on the 2nd floor of the Library. 
  • Study rooms are designed for quiet use by individuals or groups for study, reading, tutoring, proctored exams, or other educational purposes. 
  • Each study room contains one table, one white board, and 4-6 chairs. 
  • Study rooms C-F are available on a first come, first serve basis, with no time limit. These four study rooms are not available for reservation.
  • Study rooms A and B are available for reservation. A library card holder in good standing may reserve one study room for one two-hour period per day. A study room reservation may be made by calling or visiting the Adult Services Desk, no more than one day in advance. Reservations may be made in 30-minute increments, up to one two-hour period. Card holders must claim their reservation and check out the room at the Adult Services Desk on the 2nd floor. General Room Reservation Guidelines number 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9, listed below, also apply to Study Room reservations.

II. General Room Reservation Guidelines

  1. Rooms available for reservation include the Children's Study Room, the Crawford Meeting Room, and the Small Conference Room. Guidelines for each space are detailed below.   
  2. A group can have no more than two pending reservations per calendar month. Reservations can be made in person or over the phone up to three months in advance. Walk-ins are also welcome pending availability.
  3. A valid Lewisville Library card is required to make a reservation and to check out a room. Valid Library cards are those that are current and in good standing.
  4. On the day of the reservation, rooms must be checked out with the valid Library card of the person under whose name the reservation was made. 
  5. The card holder under whom the room is checked out is responsible for any damages incurred during the use of the room.
  6. A group may use one room per day for one three-hour period.
  7. No group may assign or transfer their space or reservation to another group.
  8. Rooms are available to the public for use by groups of two or more. At least two must be present at the reservation time in order to be permitted entry to the room.
  9. Room reservation cancellations should be made as soon as possible. Failing to appear to claim a room reservation (“no show”) within 15 minutes may result in loss of the individual’s or group’s privilege of reserving a room in the future.
Children’s Study Room
  • The Children’s Study Room is available to the public for use by groups of two or more, of which one must be an adult and at least one of those must be 12 years of age or younger. 
  • The Children’s Study Room contains two conference tables, two white boards, and eight chairs. 
  • The Children’s Study Room must be checked out at the Youth Services Desk.
Crawford Meeting Room
  • The Crawford Meeting Room must be checked out at the Information Desk.
  • The Crawford Meeting Room contains eight wheeled tables, 16 chairs, one side table, a white board, a ceiling-mounted projector and a projector screen.
  • A group may use the projector during their room reservation. An HDMI cable and/or a VGA cable may be borrowed from the Information Desk. The Library does not provide an other AV/media equipment or adapters.
Small Conference Room
  • The Small Conference Room must be checked out at the Information Desk.
  • The Small Conference Room contains one conference table, 11 chairs, one white board, a ceiling-mounted projector and a projector screen.
  • A group may use the projector during their room reservation. An HDMI cable and/or a VGA cable may be borrowed from the Information Desk. The Library does not provide any other AV/media equipment or adapters.