Carvey CNC Milling


Carvey® CNC Milling at The HiveCarvey CNC milling machine

The Hive makerspace offers use of the Carvey CNC milling machine to any patron with a valid, full privilege Lewisville library card in good standing. Be sure to review The Hive User Guidelines for complete details on using the equipment.

The Carvey is free to use; however, patrons must supply their own materials on which to carve. Materials must be in compliance with the materials guidelines listed below. Some merchandise, provided by the Friends of the Library, is available for purchase such as bamboo cutting boards and wood plaques. All merchandise is blank and approved for use on the Carvey. Visit The Hive to view a display of available merchandise.

What is CNC milling?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Basically, CNC machining is a process where a computer is used to control machine tools. In the case of the Carvey CNC milling machine, a computer controls the milling machine, telling it the design to carve into the material provided.

The Carvey is a fully-enclosed CNC milling machine. It can carve into various materials, leaving behind your personalized designs, created by you using the online CAD (computer aided design) software called Easel.

Getting Started

  1. All patrons requesting to use the Carvey must have a valid full privilege Lewisville library card in good standing, and complete a training course on proper machinery usage prior to checking out the machine materials. Contact The Hive for training opportunities.  
  2. Create a design and upload it to the online CAD software, Easel. Carvey will only run files designed in or uploaded through Easel.
  3. The Carvey is available on a first come, first serve basis and must be checked out at The Hive service desk.
  4. For safety purpose, patrons must stay with their carving projects until the machine has completed the projects run. Abandoned projects will be canceled. 

Technical Stuff

Brand/Model:  Inventables Carvey®  [click here for Users Manual]
Material Dimensions:

 8" (x-axis) x 11.6" (y-axis) x 1.5" (z-axis)

Material Type:

hard and soft woods of any natural wood species, ABS, HDPE, expanded PVC, acrylic, Corian, Delrin, aluminum*

Material dimensions must meet or be less than the carving bed size listed above.

*Safe limits for aluminum: 5"/minute feed rate, 2.5"/minute plunge rate, 0.003"/pass with minimum 0.0625" milling bit. See The Hive staff for assistance. 

Design Software: Easel  (
Additional Information:

 .SVG files and images can be imported into Easel. Carvey cannot be used without Easel.

The Library has the following Carvey drill bits with a 1/8" shank collet:

  • 2F 1/32", 1/16", 1/8" Fish Tail Upcut
  • 2F 1/32", 1/16", 1/8" Fish Tail Downcut
  • 1F 1/8" Spiral Upcut
  • 2F 1/8" Straight
  • 2F 1/8" Ball Nose
  • 3F 1/8" Spiral Upcut
  • Engraving bit
  • V-bit (60 & 90)