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Silhouette Mint



Silhouette Mint™ at The Hive

The Hive makerspace offers a Silhouette Mint™ for use by any patron with a valid, full privilege Lewisville library card in good standing. Be sure to review The Hive User Guidelines for full details on using the Mint. 

The Mint is free to use; however, patrons must supply their own materials in accordance with the material guidelines listed below. Materials for use with the Mint are available for purchase from Silhouette America at Materials for use with the Mint are available for purchase from the Library in limited sizes.  

What is the Silhouette Mint™? silhouette mint

The Mint is a desktop thermal printing stamping system. It is a quick, easy way to make personalized stamps. 

 Getting Started

  1. All patrons requesting to use the Mint must have a valid full privilege Lewisville library card in good standing and have filled out The Hive Use Agreement prior to checking out the machine.
  2. Files for use on the Mint can be created using the Mint Studio™ software. Mint Studio™ is a free software available at
  3. The Mint is only for use with Mint Stamp Sheets. Other stamping sheets or types of stamps will not work with the Mint. 
  4. Makers are limited to one reservation per week per machine type. After a reservation has been used, if available, Makers can use the Mint on a first come, first serve basis. The Mint must be checked out at The Hive service desk and is only available for use in The Hive.
  5. For safety purposes, all patrons must stay with their Mint projects as they are running. 

Click Here to Reserve the Silhouette Mint


Technical Stuff

Brand/Model Silhouette Mint™
Maximum Stamp Size

45 mm x 90 mm 

Design Software

Mint Studio™ - free software available for download at

Material Type

Silhouette Mint™ Stamp Sheets

Mint Stamp Sheets are available for purchase from Silhouette America at Limited sizes available for purchase at the Library.

Additional Information

The Mint is a mobile checkout and can be used with your personal laptop or a library laptop, as long as it is used inside The Hive. The CAMEO must be connected to a PC via USB in order to work.