The Library building is closed to the public. The drive-up book return, drive-up pick-up window, and phone assistance are operational with limited hours. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON USING THE LIBRARY DURING THE CLOSURE.

Computers & Technology


Public Computers

The Lewisville Public Library provides free access to 60 public use computers to library cardholders in good standing or a one day Guest Pass if eligible. Computers are located in the Youth Services area, Information Services area downstairs, Computer Lab downstairs, and Adult Services area upstairs.

Children's Wing -- these computers dedicated to children 12 years old or younger

  • 6 PCs with Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint
  • 6 PCs with educational games
  • 4 tethered iPads with educational games (no Internet access)

1st Floor

  • 22 PCs with Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint
  • 16 PCs in the Computer Lab with the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint

2nd Floor

  • 8 PCs with Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint
  • Assistive Technology Station featuring specialized equipment and software for individuals with limited to no vision or hearing. Click HERE for details on the Assistive Technology Station.
  • Digital Media Lab offering specialized audio-visual editing software and digitization equipment and software. Click HERE for details on the Digital Media Lab.

Computer Access--Anyone with a valid Lewisville Public Library card can use the library computers. Customers may use an available PC by entering their valid library card number and their last name. A Guest Pass to use the computers may be issued to anyone at least 18 years old and who presents a valid, government issued photo ID.

Computer Questions—Library staff are available to answer brief Internet or computer related questions; staff are unavailable to provide on-the-spot,  in-depth training in the use of the Internet, e-mail, or computer software. For more in-depth instruction consider making an appointment with a librarian using the Library's Book A Librarian service.

Time Limits—Customers may log onto a Lewisville Public Library computer for a 60 minute session. The system will automatically extend the session in 60 minute increments for a total of 4 hours. A countdown clock is displayed on the computer screen to indicate the amount of time left in a session. There is no daily time limit. If a session ends, the customer may log back onto the computer to start a new session.

Saving—Customers may bring a USB drive on which to save their work. USB drives are for sale at the Accounts Desk. Once a customer logs off of a library computer, all documents and information saved to the computer by the customer are deleted.

Printing—Customers may print using the library public use computers or via the library's MobilePrint service. The Library offers black & white printing and color printing. Black & white printouts are $0.15 per page. Color printouts are $0.50 per page. Payment is made at a coin/dollar bill machine when the print job is released. Click HERE for information on printing from your laptop or mobile device using Mobile Print.

Headphones—Customers must supply their own headphones for use at the library public use computers. The Library does not provide headphones. Headphones are attached to Early Literacy computers in the Children's Wing. Earbuds are for sale at the Accounts Desk.

Wireless Internet Access

The Lewisville Public Library provides free wireless Internet connectivity service for library customers with wireless enabled laptops and mobile devices throughout the entire library building. All individuals utilizing the wireless system should act in accordance with the City of Lewisville, Lewisville Public Library Internet Policy

Customers are responsible for setting up their devices to access the Lewisville Public Library wireless network. Library staff are unable to handle customer laptops, devices, or peripheral equipment. Library staff are unable to provide in-depth assistance in getting connected to the wireless network or assist in making changes to your device's network settings and/or hardware configuration. The Library cannot guarantee that your device will work with the Library's wireless access points.

Wi-Fi is less secure than a wired network. Virus and security protection are the responsibility of the device owner. The Lewisville Public Library is not liable for the consequences of wireless network use in any way, including the transmission of computer viruses, loss of data or e-mail, security breeches of personal/private information, or any harm resulting from the use of an unsecured server.

The Hive makerspace The Hive

The Hive, Lewisville Public Library's makerspace, is home to innovation and creativity. The Hive features two 3D printers, a laser cutter, a Carvey CNC milling machine, two sewing machines, a serger and an embroidery machine. A collaboration space is also included in The Hive, featuring mobile tables, chairs, and whiteboard which allow users to alter the workspace to fit their needs. Visit for details.